Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Frank Inability To Keep Up With The Internet

It's really quite natural to want to live unfettered by the constant cataloging events, like taking loads of pictures while sight-seeing.
In summary, we have had great performances, superb camping, quality time with friends, and not enough to eat. We are working on that last one.
There will be pictures posted shortly - as soon as we have time to stalk a CVS for about an hour. Tonight, we look forward to performing a house concert for a bunch of college students, and then off to Doylestown to see some good friends.
This leg of the tour is being viewed as a preliminary practice run - as Raianne and I are trying different methods of hobo-ship. As October approaches, we should be ready to navigate the country with minimal discomfort.
Today, as we folded our campsite, I noticed that we have attained the schedule of retired people. My uncle is envious of our travels - I don't know what keeps him stapled in place. Routines perhaps.

Leftover Thoughts from Last Friday

This morning, I came to think of reading Frankenstein as maybe through it some light could be shed on this feeling I’ve had that my art is growing evermore able to extinguish me. There are so many projects that I wish to start, cultivate, and finish, well. But like anything else, expediency only proves that acts may be done, and does not attempt to flirt with reason. “Be responsible children,” is what came to mind, and in reference to a cartoon that I had once followed, I drew a bee above “Responsible Children.”