Monday, July 5, 2010

Simplicity Vs. Life

The idea of simple living. I believe I may have tasted this. I believe that this may have been created at a tiny cabin in Maine. Untouched beauty, simplistic pleasures and aspirations. However to remain too far outside the world we all share, together, for too long is just irresponsible. Unfair to the rest of your fellow man.
As soon as you cross that border, that beloved bridge, technology has already grappled you in it's talons. You are getting the dish, you are being inspired, you are making plans and you are consoling a friend who seems troubled though it just is because they are simply stumbling on to something and are afraid to realize it. The farther away from this place, the more you digress. The more weight you feel. Anxious weight. Not the kind that makes you stronger and maybe better looking but that kind of weight that will draw away years of your life. You know.. The REALLY heavy stuff. whew.
So you wanna live simple? It seems so far away and so hard. Maybe you need to escape and get far enough away to really relax.. But you somehow want one foot in the game. One foot that hasn't turned it's back on it's friends just yet. You want to add to their life. You haven't given up. You realize your inner power and you now understand that you must share this knowledge with the rest of the world. Sorry if that was culty sounding. I am not trying to be culty. I am trying to make you see that giving up on the world is not the answer. Honestly it takes so much more power to stay in the world than it does to live outside of it. This is so draining that you need to recharge. Or simply seek some help that you are proud enough to accept. Come over that bridge with vengeance! Ready or not? Wow was I really doing all these things when I left? Here I come. It's is not too much or too many things it is simply never enough. Simple living? Want a simple idea? tackle your demons!! Sounds simple right?